Concealed Handgun License Training  

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Welcome to your source for obtaining your Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License.

We pride ourselves in offering a COMPLETE handgun safety training class for anyone wanting their concealed weapons permit from Arkansas State Police in North Central Arkansas.

Class Overview

We do everything that is required by ASP standards for you to get your license.

  • Fill out all application forms and fingerprint cards.  We fill them out together to reduce the risk of errors. Students are provided a pre-addressed envelope to send their application packet to ASP.

  • We discuss self-defense laws. We cover both deadly and non-deadly force. When is it authorized by law to use force to defend myself and loved ones?

  • We discuss concealed handgun license laws. These laws govern your behavior when you are carrying a handgun. Can I carry in a specific place? How do I renew my permit?

  • We review the basics of handguns. We cover the different types and calibers. We will discuss the pros and cons of the different types. What is the best handgun for me?

  • We discuss the different types of ammunition available and help you choose what type is best for your needs.

  • We demonstrate the proper grip, stance, sight usage and trigger control for the most efficient and effective use of your handgun to stop the threat to yourself and loved ones.

  • Take fingerprints. ASP requires an applicant to submit fingerprints with their application. We provide this service, so the student does not have the inconvenience and expense of going to the jail to have their prints taken after the class.

  • Live course of fire. This is the opportunity for the student to demonstrate their proficiency with their handgun. Can you operate the handgun safely? Can you hit what what you are aiming at?




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